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What Are Off Road Rims?

The upper or outer edge of an object is typically something circular or approximately circular. The Different Types of Wheel

  • Off-road Alloy Wheels: Alloy Rims are the most common on the market.
  • Off-road Steel Wheels: Steel wheels cost less than the other kinds.
  • Off-road Forged and Cast Wheels: To make steel or alloy wheels, manufacturers have two options available to them: casting or forging them.
  • Split Rim Wheels: These rims are used on a variety of machines, including lift trucks, earthmoving machinery, trucks, buses, and trailers.

Do Rim Matter for Off-Road?

Bigger and wider wheels mean more weight. Which is capable of combining handling and rolling and returns some engine power. For off-road performance, we prefer to adhere to the principle of driving a wheel diameter not exceeding half the tire height.


The Xtreme Mudder Wheels meets your needs if you are looking for a vehicle with an excellent speed and performance. We have world-class wheels, which are sold with quick deliveries. Our stylish mud rims are capable of surviving even the roughest road conditions.

What Rims Are Good for Off-Road?


  • Moto Metal MO970. Eight rugged layered-look spokes set off the MO970
  • Moto Metal MO962
  • Fuel Vapor
  • American Racing AR172 Baja
  • XD Series XD820 Grenade
  • Fuel Enduro
  • Method Grid Wheels
  • Pro Comp Black 51 Series Wheels

Can I off-road with 20 inch rims?

A 20 inch wheel gives you better riding and off-roading capabilities. It is safe to drive. And it performs well not only on roads but also in rugged mountainous areas. This size can also be considered for any SUV, Jeep and Truck Rims.

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Why is Wheel Offset Important for an Off-Road Vehicle?

Proper wheel offset ensures that your new package has a lot of specifications so nothing rubs against the suspension, brakes, or vehicle body (such as fenders, bumpers, and dust flaps). It is also important for the safety of the driver. This is because incorrect offset can reduce the stability of the vehicle or make it difficult to apply the brakes.

Why Choose Xtreme Mudder Wheels for off road wheels?

Xtreme Mudder is the perfect brand for Truck wheels & 4×4 truck rims with strong production, innovative designs, and engineering expertise of off-road alloy wheels and off road rims. The special feature of our alloy rim is that it is strong, durable, and allows you to drive comfortably even on uneven surfaces and it is long-lasting.


All of our wheels are high performance and made to fit your vehicle needs as well as preferences. Our line of accessories is top quality, rendering it the perfect setting to build any vehicle that floats your boat: be it practical daily use, extreme adventuring, or nice and exciting racing.
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Our company does not put your wallet at risk. We’ve worked hard to ensure that you can get premium-quality off road monster rims at an affordable price. Our business model allows us to put your pocket first and foremost in terms of which products we want our customers to choose. A prime example of this is how the leading manufacturers of wheels and in-house wheel experts at our company guarantee great service without ever breaking our budget!


High-Quality Aftermarket
Off Road Rims and Wheels for any truck, Jeep, or SUV at XM OFF-ROAD

We have developed a new generation of custom-made wheels for luxury, street, and off road vehicles, with bespoke styling and designs to suit any car. We have serviced the top wheel manufacturers for almost two decades. We are now looking to expand our circle so that we may create cutting-edge, customized accessories for premium cars and bring those projects to the production line, thereby putting them in the hands of the most elite clients around the world.

The bold impact we generate with fascinating designs in high-end wheels sets us apart from our competition. The XM Offroad Wheels will significantly improve the construction and overall durability of your vehicle, it’s precisely what we’re offering. Depending on the model of vehicles you’d like to have some wheels for, we offer a wide array composed of very modern and sophisticated designs.